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Search engine optimization can be confusing at times and very often difficult to understand what you are paying for. At Drive Traffic we strive to deliver straight forward and easy to understand SEO strategies that deliver increased online visibility and traffic from search engines.

Our SEO packages outline exactly what we will deliver in the initial strategy phase of the campaign as well as on a monthly basis.

Drive Traffic delivers straight forward SEO strategies that guarantee long term results.

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Technical SEO forms the backbone of any SEO strategy. At Drive Traffic we start every campaign with a technical audit to identify areas of the website that might be holding back your ability to rank in Search Engines. Sorting out the technical problems allows Search engines to index your website. This leads to an increase in organic traffic and leads to your website.

Drive Traffic delivers a technical SEO audit that is easy to follow and goes out of its way to explain each fix and the impact it is likely to have on your website.

It doesn’t matter how good your content is, if Search Engines can’t crawl it consumers won’t find it.

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As Search Engines adapt content plays a more important role in your websites ability to deliver leads. By having a strong content strategy you can ensure high visibility in search engines and increased engagement with your audience.

Content is an important part of Drive Traffic’s SEO services and we deliver onpage optimisation and monthly content for your blog or news page.

Onpage optimisation helps us better target topics we are targeting in our search engine campaigns. Monthly editorial content helps us engage with your consumers as well as create supporting content for your target pages.

Content is the tool in which we deliver better SEO results and increased engagement with your consumer.

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Link building is still an important part of any SEO campaign. Each link that is gained is like a vote for your website which signals to Search Engines that you are a authority in this niche or for that topic.

Drive Traffic is transparent when it comes to link building and a link report with all links will be delivered to you on a monthly basis. Depending on your budget we will deliver a set amount of links every month to ensure your campaign delivers excellent results.

Link building helps your website gain authority and therefore increased visibility in Search Engines.

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